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18th ISAD

International Symposium on Albumin Dialysis


Ladies & gentlemen,
you are a provider of health care equipment and offer products designed to improve therapy of patients with organ failures and you are seeking a customer audience of opinion leaders and decision makers from the health care providing industry? Especially, you need to explore new market opportunities based on extended indications in the fast growing field of organ support in the intensive care unit?

With the International Symposium on Albumin Dialysis (ISAD) we offer the world's leading platform for extracorporeal organ assist in patients with primary liver disease and secondary organ failure, designed for health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device suppliers.

The ISAD is currently the world’s leading conference for extracorporeal therapies in the ICU for patients with liver failure and sepsis. It unites multidisciplinary opinion leaders with users that have the resources, the power and the interest to invest in new therapies aiming at organ support in liver disease.

The ISAD has evolved since 1998 with consistent performance to the leading marketing and selling opportunity for the industry in the field of organ support in liver disease. We are organising the Industry Lounge, which will allow for a more effective and enjoyable contact between Industry and Costumers.

Donations and Sponsoring

This symposium would be impossible without the support by donations, sponsoring and cooperation.

If you also would like to donate or sponsor this or one of our further activities, please contact us via