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19th ISAD

The International Liver Support Meeting Rostock

Data Protection

We point out, that the transmission of data in the Internet (e.g. when using mail correspondence) can have safety deficiencies. A complete protection of data against access of third parties is impossible. A familiarity regarding the data protection regulations is only guaranteed under the above-mentioned limitations. All information regarding third party data taken from the Internet should only be taken insofar as the rights of the third party are not affected. Exception is if the third party has knowledge of the expected safety deficiencies and has given his respective consent. Any liability of the owner of the web site pages regarding any damages or applications for injunction resulting from the safety deficiencies is ruled out.

We herewith contradict to the use of all published contact data by third parties to remit any advertising material, which has not been specifically asked for. The owner of these pages reserves the specific right to take up legal steps in the case that unasked for advertising material such as spam mails are remitted.

Reference: S&K solicitors